New Role within 100 Days of Redundancy


The success story of a client securing a new role within 100 days of redundancy stands as a testament to the power of strategic networking and tapping into the unadvertised job market. Forgoing traditional job applications, this client leaned solely on her personal network and engaged top corporate headhunters. The result was not just a job offer but multiple instances where her network was eager to tailor roles around her unique skill set. This success vividly illustrates the potency of quality relationships and the hidden job market. By nurturing and leveraging her network, she didn’t just secure a new role; she unearthed opportunities crafted specifically for her strengths.

The willingness of her network to create roles underscores the value of maintaining strong connections in one’s industry. This story underlines the significance of proactive networking and the untapped potential of unadvertised job opportunities. By prioritizing relationships and engaging with key players in the industry, this client redefined her job search, revealing that the most impactful career moves often stem from within a robust network.

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