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Kylie Hammond is Australia’s Leading Executive
Career Coach, Mentor & Corporate Headhunter

About Kylie Hammond

Kylie Hammond is a leading Executive Search & Talent Management Consultant. She represents executive candidates via her exclusive Talent Management Programs, manages a number of client Executive Search engagements, and coaches a range of clients across executive, leadership, sales, business, women’s issues and career development areas. 

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Kylie Hammond

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It’s no secret. As human beings, we are prone to making mistakes. ​

Unfortunately mistakes in the workplace can cost you a lot – a promotion, a great new opportunity, or even the job itself.

In 101 Career Mistakes and Solutions, leading Board and Executive Search Consultant and Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor, Kylie Hammond, provides you with an overview of potential career pitfalls, and most importantly solutions and practical tips to ensure you avoid those big mistakes, and build the career of your dreams.

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