Embracing the Challenges of Being a Generalist Executive.


Check out my tips to shine and showcase your all-rounder experience.

If you’re a generalist executive, you know that your career path can be a bit like solving a puzzle. Headhunters sometimes struggle to find that perfect job title or pigeonhole you into an exact job description. But guess what? Your broad experience gathered across different industries and roles is a unique strength!
In today’s job market, specialists often get the spotlight, but we generalists bring a different kind of magic to the table.
Here are some tips to stand out and showcase your allrounder experience in a compelling way:
1️⃣ Highlight Transferable Skills: Emphasize the skills that seamlessly transfer from one industry or role to another. Your ability to adapt and learn quickly is a superpower.
2️⃣ Tell Your Story: Craft a compelling narrative that connects the dots between your diverse experiences. Show how your versatility has led to innovative solutions and problem-solving.
3️⃣ Show Results: Share concrete examples of how your generalist approach has contributed to the success of your previous employers. Numbers and achievements speak volumes.
4️⃣ Network Smartly: Leverage your broad network across industries. Connections can be the bridge to your next opportunity.
Being a generalist executive might have its challenges, but it’s also a path filled with exciting possibilities and the chance to make a unique impact.

Keep evolving & keep adapting.

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