Show Me the Money! Master the Art of Salary Negotiation


Securing the job of your dreams is an incredible achievement, but now comes the tricky part – salary negotiation. Don’t fret! Kylie Hammond, the region’s leading corporate headhunter and skilled negotiator, is here to guide you through this critical phase with confidence and finesse.

Why is Salary Negotiation Crucial?
Negotiating your salary package is an art that requires practice and skill. Many candidates attempt this process themselves, but the risks are significant. Lowball job offers are more common than you might think, and underestimating your worth can lead to missed opportunities for substantial pay increases and benefits during your employment. Worst-case scenarios like mishandling contract negotiations resulting in withdrawn offers can be devastating.

Let Kylie Be Your Coach!
Kylie Hammond’s exclusive service is designed to empower you in navigating the salary negotiation terrain successfully. With an Industrial Relations degree and extensive experience, Kylie is a master at what she does. Engage Kylie to coach you on how to negotiate your salary package, secure a pay rise, or receive confidential salary benchmarking information.

What’s Included in Our Service?
– Confidential Consultation: Meet with Kylie one-on-one to discuss your career goals and salary expectations.
– Salary Benchmarking Metrics: Gain access to salary data relevant to your industry.
– Employment Contract Review: Let Kylie confidentially review your contract and leverage top employment lawyers when needed for expert advice.
– Negotiation Tips: Learn valuable tactics on how to negotiate through third parties, such as corporate headhunters.
– End-to-End Support: Kylie can shadow your negotiation process from start to finish, ensuring you secure the best possible offer.

Let Kylie Fight for Your Success!
Our approach is grounded in ethical negotiation practices, always putting your career objectives at the forefront. We strive for win-win outcomes, ensuring both parties are satisfied. Rest assured, all negotiations are handled 100% confidentially.

CEO & Board-Level Negotiations:
For complex salary and employment negotiations involving CEOs or Board-level executives, contact Kylie for a personalized quote.

Don’t let a fantastic opportunity slip away due to salary negotiation jitters! Engage Kylie today and let her help you confidently secure the salary package you deserve. 

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