Top Tips: Fast-Track Your Executive Career

Want to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder? Need to fast-track your career, but now sure exactly how? Leverage my experience as a Corporate Headhunter and Career Mentor to thousands of senior executives and arm yourself with my practical information and advice about how you can fast-track your career. I have personally mentored over 500 top level […]

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Is it Time to Get a Career Coach?

Let’s say you have been looking for a job for a while; couch surfing at the homes of kind of supportive friends and family while you try to work towards your dream career. Or maybe you have a job, but it certainly isn’t the dream – so you’ve been wistfully looking elsewhere, without much luck or interest from employers in what you have to offer.

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When is it Time to call it Quits?

For weeks now, you have been thinking about quitting your job. You dread getting up in the morning, and you spend every spare second daydreaming about other career opportunities. You know you don’t want to be there anymore, but the fear of the unknown is holding you back. When you have stability and decent benefits […]

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