What Not to Say in a Job Interview!

What Not to Say in a Job Interview! If you say these things during an interview, I will predict that you won’t get asked back for another round of discussions.
1. Bad mouthing your previous employer/s. This is a guaranteed way to ensure you do not progress in the interview process. Nobody likes to hear negative commentary about your past employers, it will definitely leave a bad impression.
2. Complaining or being negative about your colleagues or peers in your previous role. Again, this is a red flag to a future employer and will not help you progress in the recruitment process.
3. Having a fight with your boss. Sorry, it doesn’t matter who was wrong or who was right. If you disclose that you have had a conflict with your boss, or resigned because of a fight that you had, you are likely to hear crickets from the recruitment team.
4. Any sign of personal instability, making rash decisions, getting into unmanageable debt, resigning from your job with little to no notice, demonstrating high levels of confusion, or being uncertain about your career direction or pathway. These are red flags and will result in your application being placed in the rejection pile.
5. Demonstrating little to no knowledge about the company you have applied to work for i.e. not knowing who the CEO is, or not doing any research before the interview can be very off-putting. One of the first questions I usually ask is “what do you know about my company?”. Fail to answer and you can expect not to be called back.
6. Asking about salary, employment conditions, bonuses, perks, and work-life balance before you have even gotten past the first round of meetings. These questions can wait, and will often create a poor impression if asked too early in the recruitment cycle.
Remember interview preparation is the key. Make sure you are positive and well prepared before your interview. Avoid the above 6 points and you have a good chance of getting to round 2 of the interview process.

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