What Makes a Good Resume?

I hear a lot of different opinions about what makes a great resume. These days, headhunters are often looking for different styles and formats. But it’s important not to get distracted. A good resume will help secure an interview, that is the primary purpose of these documents. Check out my latest tips on how to develop a resume that stands out from your competitors. Kylie Hammond offers our Executive candidates an exclusive Professional Executive Resume Writing Service, designed to help you secure that all-important job interview. Crafted, researched, and prepared for professionals like you, who wish to present a superior resume that stands out from other candidates in the market.

Kylie Hammond is a leading Executive Search & Coaching business, who works with a range of National and International clients to attract, retain and develop top talent. Our Executive Resume Writing Service package allows you to leverage the experience of our recruitment specialist team – including our exclusive interview coaching services offered by our top Executive Career Coaches.


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