Quality Resume Can Open Doors to New Opportunities

Over the years in the recruitment industry, I have heard plenty of debates about the importance of resumes and cover letters. If you ask 10 different recruiters what makes for a good quality resume, you will get 10 different opinions. My clients often come to me after meeting with a headhunter with a jumble of advice on how to change the resume to get engaged in the market, leaving the candidate confused and upset because they have usually spent time, money, and considerable effort in developing a professional resume document that they thought would be acceptable.
I personally try and focus on one main element. Does the resume get you in the door for a conversation? If it does this, then debating about the format and the content can be a moot point.
Overall, we know that most employers and headhunters make split-second decisions to interview based on first impressions. This usually means that the first page of the resume document must stand out, capture your skills, experience, capabilities, and your unique value proposition. Employers love to see snapshots on the first page i.e., a snapshot of your work history, your key competencies, and a few career milestones or highlights.
Often, candidates try and cram everything into the resume, when less is more when you are trying to position yourself for a specific role and opportunity.
I would estimate that we have conducted over 20,000 resume writing projects over the years. We know what works and what doesn’t. We only use top-grade resume writers personally selected by myself, and these are usually former HR Directors who are offering their expertise part-time to help us craft a compelling senior executive’s personal brand and value proposition. We also use the best graphic designers to ensure that the final documentation is well presented, pleasing to the eye, and will capture the interest of employers and recruiters in a competitive recruitment process.
Our top-level resume writing service is not the cheapest in the market. It is a considerable investment but involves a comprehensive professional writing service from beginning to end and I personally oversee the final quality assurance and resume edits to give you the confidence that your resume will secure interviews. In my opinion, it is the most worthwhile investment you can make in your career journey.

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