How a Mentor Helps you to Achieve Career Success

A mentor is a professional who is experienced and can assist you in the early stage of your career. A mentor is certainly guaranteed to take you to the next stage of your career. The person might be a colleague in the same company or might work in another firm. It is highly beneficial to select a mentor that works in the same organization as you as this person would understand a lot of stuffs that other people wouldn’t understand. When you are new in your career, there are many things that are oblivious to you. No offence meant. This isn’t your fault; it is rather as a result of inexperience. You are bound to make several mistakes and lose out on a lot of opportunities. Getting a mentor would help you limit the number of mistakes you make. A mentor would help you through confusing instances and help take your career to the next level.

Mentoring doesn’t mean the same thing as training, teaching and coaching. However, mentoring is a sort of relationship which is instigated by you to help hasten your professional and personal growth. According to a Capital One survey of 1000 people, one in five and 19% of females don’t have a career path yet. If you are on the lookout for someone to help you get a better job, promotion or achieve all-round success, a mentor is your best bet. The following points indicate how a mentor can help you to career success.

Mentors bring you closer to smart people

Mentors would help you improve your connections and get you introduced to smarter people that you’d never have imagined meeting. When looking to get a new mentor, it is imperative to select a person with whom you share values rather than someone in the same industry as you. Once you get close to these kinds of people, try to get a list outlining the kind of people that you would want to connect with. Spend your time with a mentor that would help you be what you want to be and get you closer to these kinds of people.

Mentors help you learn from their experience

As a newbie, you would be faced with myriad of challenges and would probably have made a lot of mistakes. This is where a mentor is important. They are usually experts and would help you anticipate these problems, thereby helping you solve them easily. A mentor who is in the same industry as you would expose you to certain secrets you would need for your development. For instance, a mentor in the sales department would show you how to get more sales within a short time. Mentors help you dodge mistakes that can derail your career simply because they’d made similar mistakes and learnt from them.

Mentors would hold you accountable

Another important secret of attaining success in your career is by sharing your aspirations with a senior colleague. Mentors usually have master plans that would help develop your career and they would ensure that you don’t get distracted long the way. By constantly checking on you, you are held accountable to your goals. This translates into hard work on your part unlike when you don’t have a mentor.

Mentors would help you make vital decisions

You would usually end up at a crossroad when you have a vital but difficult decision to make. At this point, it is very important to have a mentor who would help you make a better decision from a neutral perspective. They are usually positioned objectively and are the best people to give an unbiased and experienced advice.

Final word

Mentors can help you to attain the career and life success that you so much yearn for. They are positive minded people that would assist you learn from your mistakes and use it as a stepping stone to future success.


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