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Being prepared and organized for your job search is key to finding a secure executive position in this ever-shifting job seekers’ landscape.
In the Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program, leading Board & Executive Search Consultant and Australia’s foremost CEO Business Mentor, Kylie Hammond will provide you with breakthrough strategies and advice that includes building your professional toolbox and a career portfolio.
Learn how to recognize a good opportunity, and walk away from a bad one.
This self-paced eLearning Program and accompanying 232-page Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide book & workbook contains tips and hints that come from many years of experience in the executive search industry and working with a large variety of companies and HR professionals.
Your Online Program covers the following critical topics:
☆ Video 1 – Welcome to Executive Candidate Survival Guide
☆ Video 2 – First Things First – Get Your House in Order
☆ Video 3 – Proven Methodology to Get Employed in 100 Days
☆ Video 4 – Personal Branding to Set you Apart from your Competition
☆ Video 5 – Hidden Job Market – What Does That Really Mean
☆ Video 6 – Working with Headhunters
☆ Video 7 – Interviewing to Get The Role – Part 1 & 2
☆ Video 8 – Top Tips for Salary negotiation
With purchase, you will gain immediate access to the Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program with 1-year Membership to Director Institute, which includes:
☆ Director Institute Board Director Job Board
☆ Access to Director Institute Board Vacancy Job Board
☆ Exclusive Resume Builder Tool to Create a Professional Resume
☆ Board Alert eMagazine Publication
☆ Global Thought Leadership Insights from Business Leaders
☆ Exclusive Online Events Invitations
☆ Access to Online Business Networks
☆ Keys to the Boardroom Digital eLearning Program
🎵This path leads you to your dream executive career ✨Imagine getting the role you’ve always wanted. And having the resources to get there! With The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program, you’ll discover the proven methodology for getting employed in 100 days, how to stand out from the crowd, and top tips for salary negotiation 💪 You’ll even get 1 year’s membership to Director Institute which includes exclusive access to job boards and networking events. Discover how to get your dream executive role. Find out more about The Executive Candidate’s Survival Guide Online Learning Program now. 
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