How to Start a Side Hustle

side hustle noun [ C ] mainly US informal (also side gig)

“a piece of work or a job that you get paid for doing in addition to doing your main job”

Are you dreaming of starting a side business hustle? I was talking to a corporate executive this afternoon, and somehow we got onto the topic of a side business that would compliment her current income. Suddenly, she pulled out her ‘Book of Ideas’ that she had kept filled with jot points and business ideas for a new healthy food business. There are many reasons why a side business gets put on the backburner, and plenty of excuses i.e., I don’t have the time, money, or resources to start my new business venture. Sure, timing is crucial, but in my opinion, 2022 could be the perfect time to start a side business which could include eCommerce ventures, a Coaching or Advisory business, or a small startup business concept that you have dreamt about for years.
Speak directly and confidentially with Kylie Hammond, an experienced business entrepreneur, and business mentor who can help sound-check your idea, and help confirm – could your business idea really become a solid commercial enterprise? Could you raise capital for your business idea? What are the next steps to make your idea a reality?
A side business venture, complimentary to your main employment contract could be very valuable in 2022 as we continue to face increasing uncertainty. The trend we are seeing in the career coaching space is the increase in candidates wanting to develop a side venture that could support them financially in the longer term. Tap into the gig economy! Get in touch with Kylie Hammond for a Complimentary Career Assessment and let’s work out if your side hustle idea is valid, and could be developed into a serious career or business opportunity. 

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